HDPE geomembrane construction technology

HDPE geomembrane construction technology

Founded in 2002, the company has accumulated 20 years of experience in the production of HDPE geomembranes. Through cooperation with Jinming Seiki, the top international blown film equipment manufacturer, it has jointly cooperated with international manufacturers including HAAS four-axis precision machining center in the United States and NCS in Spain.

A. Super-large high-precision gantry machining center, DMG super-large five-axis precision machining center, NILES CNC precision gear grinding machine, Ms. Xiao Huachun, an expert member of the International Organization for Standardization Geosynthetics Technical Committee (ISO/TC221), jointly developed an internationally leading Four-layer co-extrusion blown film equipment.

The geomembrane equipment adopts the world’s leading blown film die head, supplemented by seven major control systems: central centralized feeding system, uniformity and degree consistency control system, electric spark hole detection system, film thickness detection system, automatic width control system , internal cooling system and high-altitude expansion system.

It solves the quality problems that plague the industry such as slow cooling, uneven width, uneven thickness, holes and creases formed in rolls. Whether it is from the appearance or from the internal quality, it has reached the world advanced level, and it is one of the core equipment of our company.

Geomembrane has become a landmark product for our company to participate in domestic and foreign projects, and 17 parameters far exceed GB/T-2011GH2S (national standard environmental protection type), CJ/T234-2006 (urban construction standard), and have reached ASTM standards.

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Preparatory work before geomembrane installation

1. Before laying and installing HDPE geomembrane, invite the owner, designer, on-site supervisor and relevant units to conduct a pre-construction preparatory meeting. The meeting will finally determine the construction details of the anti-seepage construction and solve various new problems that appear on the site. Condition.

2. Do a good job in the maintenance and unblocking of the power line before the construction of the geomembrane; the maintenance of the construction machinery and tools is in place; the labor arrangement is ready and other preparations.

3. The geomembrane can only be laid after the process of the lower layer of the geomembrane is accepted, and the HDPE geomembrane cannot be laid without acceptance.

4. The construction must be carried out in accordance with the approved documents and the written consent of the project supervisor for our construction proposal. Records should be made during geomembrane construction and submitted to the owner for future reference.

Geomembrane Welding Process By a Welding Machine

5. Construction equipment, machines and tools, and HDPE geomembrane materials should be inspected before construction. HDPE geotechnical
The membrane material certificate should be kept for future reference, and the package should be opened to check the appearance quality of the HDPE geomembrane, and the mechanical damage and production trauma, holes, breakage and other defects found should be recorded and repaired.

6. The HDPE geomembrane that is damaged and difficult to repair should be cut off, and the HDPE geomembrane material must be approved by the supervisory engineer before construction.

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