Top 5 Geomembrane Suppliers In the World

Top 5 Geomembrane Suppliers In the World

An introduction to geomembrane and its major functions


Geomembranes are impermeable sheets used in various engineering and construction projects. Characterized by their durability and reliability, they have been used in industries ranging from energy production to waste management. Moreover, Geomembranes are specifically employed to provide leak-proof protection against fluids and gases while protecting the environment from any hazardous substances leaking out. Generally speaking, geomembranes act as a dependable, safe barrier between industrial sites and the outside world. Today, advancements in engineering have made them invaluable tools for many sectors of the economy.

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With industry-leading strength and superiority over traditional materials, geomembrane suppliers have become increasingly sought by a variety of sectors around the world. To meet this demand, the top 5 geomembrane suppliers have emerged as significant players in this steadily growing market. Companies such as Solmax International supply some of the most reliable geomembranes available on the market today. NAUE brings years of experience to the table and provides unmatched durability and cost-effectiveness with its products. These two companies are just a few examples among an array of exemplary providers that make up the list of leading geomembrane producers in the world. If you seek quality products at competitive prices, then turning to these top 5 suppliers is sure to give you exactly what you need.

  • Carlisle SynTec Systems
  • Agru America
  • Firestone Building Products
  • Solmax International
  • NAUE GmbH & Co. KG


What we need to know about these geomembrane suppliers


Each supplier has something different to offer in terms of location, products, and services. Some suppliers are located in countries all over the world, offering a wide range of products and services catering to customers’ needs. Others may only specialize in one particular product or service, providing access to more specialized items. Furthermore, certain suppliers may work exclusively with a single company, providing an extensive inventory to meet their needs. By examining every supplier’s offerings carefully and understanding their strengths, businesses can make an informed decision when choosing the right supplier.

When tasked with determining the best supplier for your project, it pays to weigh all potential pros and cons before making a decision. Consider factors from interior sources such as cost, quality of products or services offered, and reliability, as well as external considerations like vendor reputation and market reviews. Take into account the efficiency and timelines for delivery of products or services promised, as well as customer service policies and history should any issue arise during the course of provision. The optimal choice must be able to meet these criteria in line with your needs – so plan accordingly and make a wise choice.


Carlisle SynTec Systems


If you’re in the market for a superior roofing system, then look no further than Carlisle SynTec Systems. With over 70 years of innovation and experience, Carlisle SynTec Systems has become one of the leading suppliers of single-ply membranes and accessories in the world. This comprehensive guide will explain why this company is a top choice among professionals and provide you with an overview of their products.

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(source: Carlisle SynTec Systems)

Carlisle SynTec Systems was founded in 1946 when two companies, Carlisle Rubber Company and Synthetic Products Company, joined forces to create a product that would revolutionize roofing systems. In the ensuing decades, they have continued to innovate and now offer a wide range of products for commercial and industrial applications. Today, they are known for their reliable products that can withstand any weather conditions or climate change.

Carlisle SynTec’s products include:

  • EPDM geomembranes
  • TPO geomembranes
  • PVC geomembranes
  • Insulation
  • Air and vapor barriers

From its decades-long history as an innovator in roofing systems all the way through to its diverse lineup of modern offerings – there’s no denying that Carlisle SynTec is one of the best suppliers in the industry today. Whether it’s single-ply membrane systems or landscaping solutions you need – you can trust them to deliver quality results every time. With unbeatable durability and performance – you won’t find any better than Carlisle SynTec!


Pros and Cons of Carlisle SynTec Systems’ products and services



  • Great Durability: Their products are designed to last for decades, often with minimal maintenance required.
  • Various types of products: Carlisle SynTec Systems offers a wide selection of products that can be customized to meet any need or budget.
  • Strong technical expertise: Carlisle SynTec Systems has a team of experienced engineers and technicians who can provide design and installation support for various projects, and can help customers select the best products for their specific applications.
  • Professional installation services: The company also offers an extensive network of trained installers who can provide professional installation services for their products. This ensures that your project will be done correctly from start to finish, taking away much of the stress associated with complex anti-seepage projects.


  • Relatively higher cost: The company’s products tend to be more expensive than other brands on the market due to the high-quality materials and construction methods used when producing their products.
  • Limited warranty: They offer an extensive network of trained installers across the country, finding an installer close by might not always be possible depending on where you live or how remote your project site is located.
  • Lower response speed: Due to the time zone difference as well as other factors, the company’s customer support team may take more time to respond to customers’ tickets.

In a word, Carlisle SynTec Systems is committed to quality and customer service, and it has a reputation for producing high-quality products that are backed by a team of experienced engineers and technicians. The company is also committed to sustainability, and it is actively involved in the development of environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions for its customers.


Agru America


Agru America is a leading global supplier of geosynthetic products, with a focus on high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) geomembranes. The company was founded in 1948 and has since expanded its operations to multiple countries and areas, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe.

HDPE Smooth Geomembrane Liner In Bulk LLDPE Geomembranes From Factory

(source: Agru America)

Agru America is known for its quality products and services, which include geomembrane sheets, custom fabrication, installation services, and technical support. The company provides geomembrane sheets in various thicknesses, widths, and lengths to meet the needs of its customers, and its custom fabrication services include thermal bonding and custom welding of geomembrane sheets to form panels and liners. Agru America’s experienced technicians provide installation services to ensure the proper and safe installation of its geomembrane products.

Agru America’s products include:

  • Geomembranes and lining Systems
  • Geotextiles
  • Drainage products
  • Concrete protection
  • Pipe and fitting systems
  • Semi-finished products
  • Specialty products

More importantly, Agru America is also a customer-focused company that is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and support. The company’s knowledgeable and experienced staffs provide professional advice to its customers, helping them choose the right geosynthetic products for their specific needs. Last but not least, Agru America is committed to being a trusted partner in the geosynthetics industry and to offering practical waterproofing or anti-seepage solutions to its customers.


Pros and Cons of Agru America’s products and services



  • High-quality products: Agru America is known for its high-quality geosynthetic products, including HDPE geomembranes and LLDPE geomembranes, which are designed to provide long-lasting protection and durability.
  • Customization options: The company offers custom fabrication services, allowing customers to choose the specific thickness, width, and length of their geomembrane sheets, as well as custom welding and thermal bonding options.
  • Experienced technicians: Agru America has a team of experienced technicians who provide installation services and ensure proper and safe installation of its geosynthetic products.
  • Technical support: The company has knowledgeable and experienced technicians who provide technical support and advice to its customers, helping them choose the right geosynthetic products for their specific needs.
  • Wide range of products: In addition to geomembranes, Agru America offers a range of other geosynthetic products, including geotextiles, drainage products, and pipes, allowing customers to find all their geosynthetic needs in one place.
  • Environmental commitment: Agru America is dedicated to sustainability and has implemented environmentally-friendly practices in its operations.


  • High cost: Agru America’s products and services are known for their high quality, but this can come at a higher cost compared to other geosynthetic suppliers.
  • Limited availability: Although Agru America has operations in multiple countries, its products and services may not be readily available in all regions.
  • Installation services may not be available in all regions: Agru America’s installation services are provided by experienced technicians, but these services may not be available in some areas.

Overall, Agru America’s products and services are known for their high quality and commitment to customer satisfaction. However, the higher cost and limited availability of its products and services may be a consideration for some customers.


Firestone Building Products


Firestone Building Products, an essential subsidiary of LafargeHolcim, has been providing quality roofing solutions since 1937 but they have now expanded their operations into the manufacture and supply of high-performance membrane systems for various applications including containment systems for hazardous waste sites. Their product range includes EPDM rubber membranes, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) membranes, thermoplastic elastomeric (TPO) membranes, and asphaltic-modified bitumen membranes among others. Furthermore, they also offer related accessories like seam tape sealant cement primer, etc.

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(source: holcimelevate)

In addition to roofing systems, Firestone Building Products offers insulation products, including polyiso (polyisocyanurate) insulation, which is designed to provide high thermal efficiency and fire resistance. The company also offers a range of accessories and tools to assist with the installation and maintenance of its products.

Firestone Building Products include:

  • Roof enhancements
  • Insulation
  • EPDM roofing system(including EPDM geomembranes)
  • Modular roofing
  • Metal roofing systems
  • TPO roofing systems(including TPO geomembranes)
  • Asphalting roofing systems
  • PVC roofing systems(including PVC geomembranes)
  • Firestone SA

What’s more, Firestone Building Products provides high-performance liners in different materials that are perfect for containment applications such as landfills, wastewater treatment plants, and agricultural ponds. Their liners are designed to be strong and durable yet still flexible enough to allow for easy installation without compromising their integrity.


Pros and Cons of Firestone Building products and services



  • Wide range of products: Firestone Building Products offers a wide range of products for commercial roofing systems and insulation, including EPDM, PVC, and TPO membranes, as well as polyiso insulation. This allows customers to find a suitable solution for their specific needs.
  • High-quality products: Firestone Building Products’ products are known for their durability, longevity, and energy efficiency. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality products to its customers.
  • Technical support: Firestone Building Products offers a range of technical support services, including design and engineering, on-site training, and product warranty support. This helps customers with the installation and maintenance of its products.
  • Environmental commitment: Firestone Building Products is dedicated to sustainability and has implemented environmentally-friendly practices in its operations. The company is committed to reducing its environmental footprint and promoting sustainable construction practices.


  • Limited availability: Firestone Building Products has operations and manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Canada, but its products and services may not be readily available in all regions.
  • High cost: Firestone Building Products’ products are known for their high quality, but this can come at a higher cost compared to other roofing and insulation suppliers.
  • Complex installation process: The installation of Firestone Building Products roofing systems and insulation products may require specialized skills and expertise, which may not be readily available in all regions.

To conclude, Firestone Building Products is known for its wide series of quality products for commercial roofing and insulation. However, the limited availability and higher expense of its products, as well as the complex installation process, may become a possible barrier for some customers to make a decision.


Solmax International


Solmax International is a world leader in geosynthetic products and services. With more than 30 years of experience, the company has become an industry leader in providing geosynthetic solutions for civil engineering projects around the globe. But what exactly does Solmax International offer? Let’s take a look at what makes this company stand out from the competition.

High Quality Geomembrane On Sale Geomembrane Welding Process By a Welding Machine

(Source: Solmax Geosynthetics)

Solmax International offers a wide range of geosynthetic products that are designed to meet high-performance standards while providing optimal protection against damage and corrosion. From high-density polyethylene liners to reinforced geomembranes, the company provides an extensive selection of products that can be used for a variety of applications. Additionally, Solmax’s products are designed to be easy to install and maintain, saving time and money on labor costs.

Solmax’s product line includes:

Solmax’s geomembranes are used in a variety of applications, including landfill liners, pond liners, canal liners, and environmental remediation projects. The company is known for its innovative solutions, providing customized geomembrane products, and for its technical expertise in geosynthetics and its ability to provide design and installation support for various projects.

Solmax also provides engineering services for customers with special needs or unique projects that require specialized designs. Their team of experienced engineers will work closely with clients to develop custom solutions that are tailored to their specific requirements. Whether it’s for water containment or soil reinforcement, Solmax has the expertise needed to develop innovative solutions that exceed industry standards.


Pros and Cons of Solmax’s products and services



  • High-quality products: Solmax is known for producing high-quality geosynthetic products, including geomembranes, that are manufactured to meet industry standards and specifications.
  • Wide range of products: Solmax offers a wide range of geosynthetic products, including HDPE, LLDPE, textured, and PVC geomembranes, as well as geocomposites, geotextiles, and geonets, allowing customers to find the product that best suits their specific needs.
  • Strong technical expertise: Solmax has a team of experienced engineers and technicians who can provide design and installation support for various projects, and can help customers select the best products for their specific applications.
  • Innovative solutions: Solmax is known for providing customized geomembrane products and for its innovative solutions, which allow the company to adapt to the different specific needs of its clients.
  • Global presence: Solmax has manufacturing facilities in Canada, the USA, and Europe, providing customers worldwide with access to its products and services.


  • Difficult to use: For starters, their software can be difficult to use if you’re not familiar with the technology.
  • Potential customer support problem: Their support team may not always be able to help you due to language barriers or timezone differences, as they do not hire local support staff from all countries in the world.
  • Lower response speed:  Some users have reported slow response times from the customer service team which can make getting help a frustrating experience.

Nevertheless, Solmax is headquartered in Canada but operates worldwide, with offices located across Europe, Asia Pacific, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. This international reach allows them to serve customers from lots of countries with fast shipping times and local customer service representatives who can provide assistance in their native language when needed.

From product offerings to engineering services and international reach, Solmax International stands out as an industry leader in geosynthetic solutions. With decades of experience under their belt and a commitment to innovation, they have established themselves as one of the most reliable suppliers of geosynthetics in the market today.


NAUE GmbH & Co. KG


If you’re looking for a dynamic and reliable partner in the geosynthetics industry, NAUE GmbH & Co. KG can be a reasonable choice. This German-based company has been supplying geosynthetic solutions since 1997 and is now an established leader in the sector. NAUE offers a wide range of products and services related to geosynthetics, including erosion control, slope stabilization, containment applications, embankment reinforcement, and more. They are also well known for their superior customer service and technical expertise when it comes to designing custom solutions for specific projects. Their products are made from top-quality materials that have been rigorously tested to ensure they meet all necessary standards and regulations.

HDPE Geomembrane Liners Used For Waterproofing Project of Groundwater Textured Geomembranes For Anti-seepage Project

(source: NAUE)

NAUE GmbH & Co. KG’s product line includes:

  • Geomembranes
  • Geobarriers
  • Geotextiles
  • Geogrids
  • Drainage mats
  • Erosion control systems

In addition to its products and services, NAUE also offers training courses on various topics related to geosynthetics engineering. These courses cover topics such as installation methods, testing procedures, design principles, product specifications, maintenance requirements, and much more. The courses are designed to help customers better understand how to use their geosynthetic systems in order to maximize efficiency and reduce costs over time.


Pros and Cons of NAUE GmbH & Co. KG’s products and services



  •  A wide variety of solutions: NAUE GmbH & Co. KG specializes in geosynthetics, which are materials made from synthetic polymers that are used in construction projects such as landfill liners, retaining walls, underground tanks, roadways, and more.
  • Commitment to quality assurance and customer satisfaction: They are dedicated to providing high-quality products that meet all safety standards while also adhering to environmental regulations. Additionally, their team offers personalized service for each client so that all needs are met.
  • International presence: When working with NAUE GmbH & Co. KG customers can rest assured knowing they have access to global resources due to their international presence in numerous countries including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and many more. This means they can provide customers with the same quality products regardless of where they are located around the world.


  • Limited custom solutions: Some projects may require specialized solutions that cannot be provided by NAUE GmbH & Co., meaning customers may have to look elsewhere for certain services or materials if needed for their project requirements.
  • Pricer cost: Their products tend to be on the pricier side compared to other similar companies within this field due to their high-quality standards and global presence.
  • Complex installation process: The installation of NAUE GmbH & Co. KG’s geosynthetic products may require specialized skills and expertise, which may not be readily available in all regions.

All things considered, if you’re looking for an experienced partner in the geosynthetics industry who can provide you with high-quality products and services as well as expert technical advice, then look no further than NAUE GmbH & Co KG! With years of experience under their belt and a commitment to innovation and sustainability, this company is sure to be able to provide you with everything you need for your project – no matter how challenging! Whether you’re looking for a trusted supplier of erosion control systems or need assistance from experts in designing custom solutions for your project – NAUE has got you covered!




The top 5 suppliers listed above all specialize in providing high-quality geomembranes including HDPE, LLDPE, PVC, and other materials, suited perfectly for various applications ranging from underground storage tanks to wastewater treatment plants. Whether you need a cost-effective solution or one offering superior quality performance there’s sure to be something here that meets your specific requirements! We hope this list helps narrow down your search so you can find just what you need when it comes time to shop around!


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