What is the pore size of geotextiles?

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What is the pore size of geotextiles?

The pore size of geotextiles will vary according to specific application needs and design requirements. Geotextile is a material used in soil engineering and geological engineering. Its main function is to enhance the stability of the soil, prevent soil erosion and anti-seepage.

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The pore size (also known as the pore size) of the geotextile can be selected according to the needs, usually in the range of a few millimeters to tens of millimeters. The smaller pore size can be used to screen and filter particulate matter, maintain the stability of soil structure, and can effectively prevent soil erosion. Larger pore size can provide better drainage performance to ensure that the water in the soil can be drained quickly.

The specific choice of geotextile should be determined according to the specific requirements of the project, soil characteristics, hydrological conditions and engineering goals. In actual engineering, there are usually professional engineers or related technical personnel to select and design according to the specific situation. Therefore, before using geotextiles, it is recommended to consult a professional and refer to relevant geotextile manufacturers or industry standards to obtain the most accurate pore size information.


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