What is the surface flatness of geotextiles?

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What is the surface flatness of geotextiles?

The surface flatness of geotextiles depends on the specific manufacturing process and product quality. Generally speaking, high-quality geotextiles will undergo strict quality control during the manufacturing process to ensure that their surface flatness reaches a high standard.

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The surface flatness of geotextile has a certain influence on its application effect. Better flatness can make the geotextile easier to unfold and lay during installation, ensuring closer contact with the ground and providing more stable support. In addition, the flat surface can also improve the close contact between the geotextile and other materials (such as soil, gravel, etc.), enhance its bonding force, and improve the tensile strength and impermeability.

However, it should be noted that regardless of the surface flatness of the geotextile, its final application effect will also be affected by other factors, such as the flatness of the base ground, the quality of the construction operation, etc. Therefore, before using geotextiles, it is recommended to select reliable and certified geotextile products according to specific project requirements, and to install and use them correctly according to the manufacturer’s construction instructions.


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