Why can geomembrane improve soil stability?

Why can geomembrane improve soil stability?

Geomembrane can effectively improve the stability of soil by waterproofing, strengthening the mechanical properties of soil, slowing soil expansion and contraction, preventing delamination, and isolating harmful substances. In engineering practice, correctly selecting the appropriate type and specification of geomembrane and ensuring its correct installation can maximize these effects and improve the stability and sustainability of the land.

Geomembrane can improve soil stability mainly through the following functions:

Waterproofing effect: Geomembrane is a waterproof material that can effectively prevent moisture from penetrating into the soil. When soil absorbs water, it swells and softens, causing the land to lose stability. The waterproofing effect of geomembrane can slow down the penetration of water into the soil, thereby reducing the moisture content of the soil and maintaining the stability of the soil.

Strengthen the mechanical properties of soil: The introduction of geomembrane can increase the shear strength and tensile strength of soil. This is because the geomembrane can form a uniform and strong layer in the soil, preventing the soil from loosening and cracking. This strengthening effect is very important to improve the overall stability of the soil.

Slows down soil swelling and shrinkage: Water infiltration is one of the main causes of soil swelling and shrinkage. The waterproofing effect of geomembrane can slow down water penetration, thereby reducing the expansion and contraction of soil. This helps maintain the volumetric stability of the soil.

Prevent soil stratification: Geomembrane can isolate moisture between different soil layers and prevent moisture from causing soil stratification. Stratification will affect the uniformity and stability of the soil, and the isolation effect of the geomembrane helps maintain the consistency of the soil.

Isolate harmful substances: Geomembrane can also isolate harmful substances in the soil, such as pollutants. This is crucial to prevent harmful substances from corroding the soil and maintaining the mechanical properties and stability of the soil.

Improve the overall impermeability of the soil: The introduction of geomembrane can improve the overall impermeability of the soil. By preventing moisture from penetrating, geomembranes help maintain soil dryness and slow down the rate of soil softening and destruction


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