Agriculture Use of Geomembranes And Geotextiles For Land And Water Assets

Our geosynthetics are widely used in agricultural fields, such as animal husbandry, corps irrigation, water storage, and soil erosion control. The applications of geosynthetics in agriculture can effectively improve water efficiency, and energy conversion, and maintain water with soil balance.

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Agriculture Case Photo

Shaan-Gan-Ning Water Supply Improvement Project

Related Product:Composite Geomembrane 200g/0.5/200g
Quantity: 192800㎡

The Case Memo.:
The use of Composite Geomembrane speeded up the construction progress, solved the problem of fragile single-layer anti-seepage system, and achieved the purpose of storing water.

Agriculture Case 02

EAST HOPE Farming project for pig

Related Product: 1.0mm HDPE liner, 1.5mm HDPE liner
Quantity: 1.0mm liner-600,000㎡; 1.5mm liner-250,000㎡

The Case Memo.:
Taking the advantages of excellent anti-seepage function about Tinhy's black HDPE Geomembrane, our workers installed the liner on the bottom and sealed the site by covering the liner on the top. In this way, pollutants in the sewage degraded to maximum degree and the purpose of water purification was realized by our joint efforts

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