Geogrids, a kind of geosynthetic product that can be applied in the reinforcement of soft soil, are usually made of high-molecular materials. Thanks to the strong tensive power as well as heavy loading ability, Tinhy’s Geogrids are widely used in many construction projects, including soil reinforcement, retaining walls construction, and pavement designing, etc. Our Geogirds with the features of strong tensive capacity, great loading ability, simple application, erosion control for soil, reasonable maintenance cost, are mainly divided into Warp Knitting Polyester Geogrids, Fiberglass Geogrids, Steel Plastic Geogrids, and Plastic Geogrids.

Tinhy Geosynthetic Co.,ltd conforms to the latest trend in the Geogrids industry and has been applying advanced technology in the production of our geogrid products. Knitting skills are used during the manufacturing process and combined with a complicated, franchised way of PVC impregnation that penetrates into the high tenacity polyester yarns. Tinhy provides super resistance to creep under constant pressure, abrasion resistance, great temperature stability, and marvelous chemical stability.

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