Better Solutions For Fishing or Shrimp Ponds And Other Aquaculture Projects

The food-grade HDPE farming pond liner can be effectively used for the anti-seepage and water storage of aquaculture while ensuring safety.

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Indonesia shrimp farming pond

Related Product: 0.5mm HDPE liner
Quantity: 120,000㎡

The Case Memo.:
The shrimp pond constructed with HDPE liner can not only achieve a good anti-seepage effect, but also isolate the soil microbial diseases from shrimp, which can further promote the reproduction of shrimp, and can increase the yields by 2 to 3 times.

Libya fish farming pond

Libya fish farming pond

Related Product: 1.0mm HDPE liner
Quantity: 126,000㎡

The Case Memo.:
Convenient fish farming pond, convenient site selection and simple construction, which can better maintain the stability of water quality, avoid the water changes, and effectively reduce the cost of water quality control.