Tinhy's Geotextile and Drainage Boards Series Can Solve the Problem of Waterproof For Many Infrastructure Projects

Tinhy participated in the designs and realizations of hundreds of “Sponge City” projects, in which the patented geosynthetics-based systems are integrated into infrastructures such as on building roofs and underground garages to not only separate water from indoors but also to drain and recycle water for the garden irrigations. The MDS (Matrix Drainage Solutions) series could also be used separately in related areas of specializations.

Cases Show

Drainage Boards Case of Tinhy Geosynthetics

Giant Swallow Wealth Center Project In Shanxi,China

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The Case Memo.: Our Drainage Boards were placed on top of the bituminous waterproof layer, which can realize both the functions of barrier and drainage while the waterproof layer can be protected from roots.

Tinhy's Case of Using Drainage Sheets On a Vase Project

A Villa Project In Dianchi Tourist Resort, Yunan China

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The Case Memo.: Our Staple Fiber Geotextiles and Drainage Boards were used for roads' and culverts' waterproofing, which enhanced the system's filtering and drainage ability.

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