Energy,Oil and Gas
Tinhy Helps Protecting the Environment When Exploiting

Our geosynthetics series provide products specifically fitting the energy, oil, and gas industries to compensate for the erosive chemicals, environment, and extreme temperatures, thus providing long-lasting and credible anti-seepage systems.

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Tinhy Geosynthetics for Energy, Oil and Gas Fields

Oil Depot Anti-seepage Project in Oman

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The Case Memo.:
Different specifications of geomembrane & geotextile combinations are selected at different locations in the reservoir area, which enhanced the anti-seepage and isolation effect of the system.

Tinhy Geomembrane Use For a Power Plant

Procurement of impermeable materials for power plants in Sri Lanka

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The Case Memo.:
The internal interface strength of the gasket system is enhanced, while the stability, anti-seepage and barrier capabilities of the system are significantly improved.

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