geomembrane manufacturers from China have their own factories, can be customized, and have various certifications such as CE.


Textured HDPE Geomembrane、HDPE Smooth Geomembrane,etc.


Geomembrane Manufacturer Workshop

The geomembrane liner is a kind of geosynthetic material, its raw material is the new polyethylene resin particles extracted from crude oil, which are processed by the special process of film calendering machine or film blowing equipment. The geomembrane manufacturer from China, Has its Geomembrane Manufacturer factory, which Can be customized, OEM is available, and CE certification.

HDPE Geomembrane Specifications:
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What is a geomembrane?

Geomembrane is a polymer membrane with anti-permeability and chemical resistance. It is usually used in agriculture, breeding industry, landfills, reservoirs, ponds and other places.

Geomembrane price:

The price of geomembrane usually ranges from US$0.1 to US$2. Because the thickness and material are different, the price is also different. It is cheaper to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Waterproof HDPE Geomembrane 1

Geomembrane fish farming, geomembrane shrimp farming

Geomembrane liner aquaculture project: fish pond liner, tilapia pond liner, shrimp pond liner, crab pond liner, factory aquaculture pond liner.


Geomembrane landfill

Geomembrane environmental protection projects: geomembrane landfill liners, sewage treatment plants, municipal waste/hazardous waste/industrial waste.


Reservoir application geomembrane

Geomembrane agricultural projects: reservoirs, geomembrane dam linings, irrigation systems, canals.

Geomembrane installation process
1. Clean the surface of the substrate, check whether the geomembrane is complete, and avoid scratching the surface of the geomembrane with sharp objects during installation.
2. Lay the geomembrane and use appropriate geomembrane welding technology and methods according to the construction environment and specifications.
3. Process the seams. Hot melt welding technology is usually used to process the seams of the geomembrane to ensure that the seams are firm and sealed.
4. Fix the geomembrane, fix the edge of the geomembrane to the base, and use fixing materials
5. Check the details and repair the damage
6. After completion, conduct a comprehensive inspection and ask relevant professionals for final acceptance.


Q:What is the thickness of the geomembrane?

A:The thickness range of geomembrane is 0.2mm-3.0mm. We support customization of other thicknesses.

Q:How long can geomembrane be used?

A:The service life of geomembrane is usually about 10 years

Q:How do I calculate how much geomembrane I need?

A:The geomembrane width and geomembrane length, geomembrane depth, geomembrane overlap, extra length for trench, and the geomembrane waste rate.

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