5 Features of Geotextile Blankets

What is a Geotextile Blanket?

Geotextile blanket, also known as geotextile, geosynthetics, is a fabric made of synthetic fiber materials such as polyester, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc., with strong tensile strength and durability.

It is widely used in civil engineering, land improvement, water conservancy engineering and other fields to enhance the stability of soil, prevent leakage and soil erosion, provide soil protection and improve the characteristics of soil.


5 Features of Geotextile Blankets

Tensile strength: The geotextile blanket has high tensile strength and tear resistance, which can help the soil resist external stress and deformation. This helps to increase the stability of the soil mass, reducing the risk of soil subsidence and side slope sliding.

Impermeability: Geotextile blankets can prevent the penetration and leakage of water and solutes, and reduce soil erosion. It can be used as a waterproof isolation layer to prevent the leakage of reservoirs, channels, embankments, etc. in water conservancy projects, and ensure the safety and stability of the project.

Soil protection: Geotextile blankets can be used in land consolidation and vegetation restoration projects as a soil protection layer. It can prevent wind erosion, water erosion and surface erosion of the soil, maintain the stability and fertility of the soil, and promote the growth of vegetation.

Water permeability: most geotextile blankets have water permeability, which can allow water and gas to pass through, and maintain the air permeability and drainage of the soil. This is very important for some projects that need drainage, water release or ventilation.

Weather resistance: Geotextile blankets generally have good weather resistance and can withstand corrosion from ultraviolet radiation, chemicals and atmospheric environments. This allows them to be used in a wide range of environmental conditions and have a long service life.

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