5 main functions of geotextiles

Geotextile is an engineering material widely used in civil engineering and environmental engineering, with multiple functions and functions.


5 main functions of geotextiles

Separation: Geotextiles can be used to separate layers of different substances to prevent their mutual mixing and penetration. For example, in road engineering, geotextiles can be placed between the subgrade and the superstructure (such as a gravel layer) to prevent subsidence and mixing of materials in the upper layer.

Reinforcement: Geotextiles can be used to enhance the stability and bearing capacity of the soil. It can improve the overall strength and stability of the soil by increasing the shear strength and tensile strength of the soil. Geotextiles are often used in civil engineering to strengthen soil slopes, protect embankments, and strengthen weak foundations.

Filtration: Geotextiles can achieve the penetration of water while preventing the passage of particles. It can be used as a filter medium to prevent soil particles and solid particles from entering pipes or drainage systems by screening and separating action. This helps keep the soil structure and water quality clean.

Drainage function: Geotextiles can be used to realize the construction and improvement of drainage systems. It can be used as a drainage layer to promote the rapid drainage of water in the soil, reducing surface water and liquid pressure in the soil. At the same time, it prevents soil particles from being washed away, maintaining the effectiveness of the drainage system.

Protection: Geotextiles can provide protection to soil and structures. It can prevent soil erosion and erosion, and protect engineering structures such as roads, slopes and dams from erosion and damage.

In general, the functions of geotextiles include separation, reinforcement, filtration, drainage and protection. These functions make geotextiles an indispensable material in civil engineering, and are widely used in roads, railways, water conservancy, embankments, environmental protection and other fields.


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