Do Tunnels Need Geotextiles?

Do Tunnels Need Geotextiles?

Geotextiles are usually not required in tunneling projects, but in some cases their use may provide additional advantages and benefits. Here are some possible situations where geotextiles are used:

Preventing Soil Erosion: During tunneling, the stabilization and retention of soil is critical. Geotextiles can be used to control and reduce soil erosion, especially on slopes, side slopes and other areas prone to erosion. It can prevent the soil from being washed by rain or wind, and maintain the stability of the construction site.

Provides reinforcement and reinforcement: Geotextiles can combine with soil to form a strong composite that is used to reinforce and reinforce foundations, slopes or other sections in tunneling projects. It can spread the load, improve the bearing capacity of the soil, and prevent the soil from sliding and deforming.


Soil and water conservation: Geotextiles can be used for soil and water conservation, especially in areas with poor hydrological conditions such as soil stripping, soil erosion or floods in tunnel engineering. It can help maintain moisture and soil stability, reducing the risk of water erosion and soil erosion.

It should be noted that the choice of whether to use geotextiles depends on specific engineering requirements and environmental conditions. During the design and construction process, detailed engineering measurements and soil analysis are required to determine whether geotextiles are required and what type and specification of geotextiles should be used. Additionally, proper installation and maintenance of geotextiles is critical to ensure their intended functionality and durability.

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