What are the installation methods of geotextiles?


What are the installation methods of geotextiles?

Geotextile is a material used in civil engineering, horticulture and environmental protection, mainly to prevent soil erosion and enhance the stability of soil. The following are several common geotextile installation methods:

Laying method: Spread the geotextile on the surface that needs protection or reinforcement, make sure the fabric is close to the ground, and fix it on the ground with fixtures (such as U-shaped nails or clamps) to prevent movement.

Embedding method: The geotextile is completely buried in the soil, usually used for land modification or filling projects. The geotextile is first compacted and placed on the foundation, and then covered with a layer of soil to ensure that it is firmly fixed in the ground.


Stitching: For large-area projects, multiple pieces of geotextiles may need to be stitched together to achieve the desired size. Stitch the edges of the geotextile with high-strength and corrosion-resistant thread.

Anchoring method: In the area that needs to be reinforced, you can choose to use a special geotextile anchoring system to firmly fix the geotextile underground. This method is suitable for engineering projects that require greater tensile strength and durability.

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