8 advanced technologies of geomembrane

Wholesale Smooth HDPE Geomembrane For A Landfill Project

What is a geomembrane?

Geomembrane is a new type of environmentally friendly anti-seepage material. The main component is high molecular polyethylene. 

This component is closely related to our life. The plastic products in daily life are high molecular polyethylene. 

Of course,geomembrane also has other materials. , what I share with you today is the 8 advanced technology of geomembrane.


8 advanced technologies of geomembrane

1. Central centralized feeding system: adopts centralized automatic control of microcomputer, without manual participation, and realizes 24-hour continuous feeding operation of pellets.

Advantages: accurate measurement, uniform mixing, can achieve raw material formula accuracy up to 0.2%; realize uninterrupted unmanned continuous molding operation; can regenerate and use sprue cold material in a fully automatic manner, control all feeding equipment, And prevent the occurrence of blocking phenomenon in the storage bin; the system has a variety of monitoring and protection functions, and the work is safe and reliable.

2. Uniformity and degree consistency control system: using Mik weight control system, the host speed detection system automatically compensates for the accuracy according to the real-time change of the host speed. Uniform discharge, unified management, product early warning and to ensure product uniformity consistency, thickness control At ±5%, it meets the ±10% of your company’s bidding. Mick takes control.

3. EDM hole detection system: Our company uses the EDM pinhole detector to detect holes in the production process in real time. The detection accuracy can reach 0.01mm in diameter. When holes are found, the instrument will generate sparks and sound alarms, and record the defect points once.

Advantages: Compared with the traditional manual staring at the product appearance quality, this system avoids the phenomenon of missing and not looking at the manual staring, and greatly improves the quality assurance ability of the production system.

4. Membrane thickness detection system: The thickness of the geomembrane determines the mechanical properties of the product and is a key parameter for design and manufacture.

Our company adopts the optical detection method and detects through the laser displacement sensor on the laser thickness gauge. The instrument is composed of upper and lower beams, and the upper and lower sensors measure the position of the upper surface and the lower surface of the measured object respectively, and the thickness of the measured object is obtained by calculation with an accuracy of 1mm.

5. Automatic width control system: Compared with the transmission at the unwinding place to measure and then adjust, the automatic adjustment of the width avoids the problem of large differences in the width of the rolled products and ensures the consistency of the width.

6. Internal cooling molding system: The cooling of blow molding equipment parts is one of the most stringent steps. The internal cooling molding system can shorten the cooling cycle, reduce the stress of the finished product, and reduce the crystallization rate of plastics. 

Choose the appropriate technology for the cooling step The best production cycle and raw material savings can be obtained to ensure the stability of performance indicators when the product is pulled.

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7. High-altitude stretching system: at one stroke, it solves the quality problems of slow film cooling, uneven width, uneven thickness, and creases formed in rolls that plagued the industry, making the quality of the produced products reach the world’s advanced level.

8. UV light oxygen environmental protection device: timely purify the VOC substances in the flue gas generated during the production process, and discharge them up to the standard.

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