8 Advantages of Tinhy Geomembrane

Introduction to Geomembrane Production Equipment

Our company was established in 2002 and has accumulated 20 years of experience in the production of HDPE geomembranes. Through cooperation with China

Jinming Precision Machinery, a top film blowing equipment manufacturer, has cooperated with international manufacturers including HAAS 4-axis precision machining center in the United States, NCS.A. super large high-precision gantry machining center in Spain, DMG super large 5-axis precision machining center, NILES CNC precision gear grinding machine, and Ms. Xiao Huachun, an expert member of the International Organization for Standardization Technical Committee on Geosynthetics (ISO/TC221), to jointly develop the internationally leading 4-layer co extrusion film blowing equipment. The geotextile membrane equipment adopts internationally leading blowing film die heads, supplemented by seven major control systems: central centralized supply

Material system, uniformity and consistency control system, electric spark hole detection system, film thickness detection system, automatic control width system, internal cooling system, and high-altitude spreading system. Solved quality problems such as slow film cooling, uneven width, uneven thickness, holes, and creases formed by rolling that plagued the industry. Both in appearance and internal quality, it has reached the Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation level and is one of the core equipment of our company.

Geomembrane has become a landmark product of our company’s participation in domestic and international projects, with 17 parameters far exceeding GB/T-2011GH2S (national standard for environmental protection) and CJ/T234-2006 (urban construction standard), and meeting ASTM standards.

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8 Advantages of Tinhy Geomembrane

1. Central centralized material supply system: Adopting microcomputer centralized automatic control without manual intervention, achieving 24-hour continuous feeding operation of granular materials.

Advantages: Accurate measurement, uniform mixing, and can achieve raw material formula accuracy of 0.2%; Realized no gap.

Cut off unmanned continuous forming operation; Capable of fully automatic regeneration and use of injection port cold materials, controlling all feeding equipment, and preventing the occurrence of blockage in the storage bin; The system has multiple monitoring and protection functions, ensuring safe and reliable operation.

2. Uniformity and consistency control system: adopts Mick weight control system, and the host speed detection system is self controlled.

According to the real-time changes in the speed of the host, the compensation accuracy is uniform discharge, unified management, product warning, and to ensure the consistency of product uniformity. The thickness is controlled at ± 5%, meeting the ± 10% requirement of your company for this bidding. Mick weight control.

3. Electric spark hole detection system: Our company uses an electric spark pinhole detector to detect the production process in real-time

The detection accuracy of holes in can reach a diameter of 0.01mm. When holes are found, the instrument will generate sparks and sound alarms, and record the defect points once.

Advantages: Compared with traditional manual inspection of product appearance quality, this system avoids the shortcomings of manual inspection.

The phenomenon of seeing or not seeing greatly enhances the quality assurance capability of the production system.

4. Film thickness detection system: The thickness of the geomembrane determines the mechanical properties of the product, which is designed and manufactured key parameters.

Our company adopts optical detection methods and uses laser displacement sensors on the laser thickness gauge for detection. Instrument sampling

It is composed of two sensors that measure the position of the upper surface and the lower surface of the measured object in an upward and downward direction. The thickness and accuracy of the measured object are calculated to be 1mm.

Advantages: The film thickness detection system adopts non-contact measurement, which has the advantages of non-contact, high sensitivity, high accuracy, speed, accuracy, and no damage to the geomembrane.

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5. Automatic width control system: Compared to measuring and adjusting the transmission at the lower roll, automatic adjustment.The width avoids the problem of large differences in the width of rolled products, ensuring consistency in width.

6. Internal cooling forming system: Cooling of blow molding equipment parts is one of the strictest steps, and internal cooling forming.The system can shorten the cooling cycle, reduce finished product stress, and reduce the crystallization rate of plastics, which is the choice for this cooling step.Appropriate technology can achieve the best production cycle and material savings, ensuring the stability of product performance indicators during traction.

7. High altitude spreading system: It solves the quality problems of slow film cooling, uneven width, uneven thickness and fold formed in roll in the industry at one stroke, making the quality of products reach the Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation level.

8. UV photo oxygen environmental protection device: Timely monitor the VOC substances in the flue gas generated during the production process.Purification treatment, discharge up to standard.

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