hdpe geomembrane pond liner in Congo (DRC)

What is hdpe geomembrane

The process of HDPE anti-seepage membrane is the most critical process in the entire anti-seepage system. The success or failure of the entire project depends on the construction quality of the artificial anti-seepage layer.

 Therefore, in the construction, every process and every link must be strictly organized and carefully constructed. The anti-seepage construction HDPE geomembrane used in this project is 1.5mm for the lower layer and 2.0mm for the upper layer.

In order to ensure the welding quality, the extrusion welding process is performed on the “T” weld seam and the opposite sex weld seam in advance, and then the patch treatment is performed.

HDPE geomembrane is a waterproof and barrier material produced from (medium) high-density polyethylene resin. (Geomembrane with a density of 0.94g/cm3 or above).

The full name of HDPE geomembrane is “high-density polyethylene film”, which has excellent environmental stress cracking resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, and a larger operating temperature range (-60–+60) and longer Service life (50 years).

It is widely used in anti-seepage projects such as domestic waste landfills, solid waste landfills, sewage treatment plants, artificial lakes, and tailings treatment.

The large-area welding of HDPE geomembrane should be welded by double-track hot-melt welding machine, and extrusion welding is only used for repairing, covering or where the hot-melt welding machine cannot reach

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Performance characteristics of HDPE geomembrane

1. HDPE geomembrane is a flexible waterproof material with a high anti-seepage coefficient (1×10-17 cm/s).

2. HDPE geomembrane has good heat resistance and cold resistance, and its operating environment temperature is high temperature 110 ℃, low temperature -70 ℃.

3. HDPE geomembrane has good chemical stability, can resist the corrosion of strong acid, alkali and oil, and is a good anti-corrosion material.

4. HDPE geomembrane has high tensile strength, so that it has high tensile strength and can meet the needs of high-standard engineering projects.

5. HDPE geomembrane has strong weather resistance, strong anti-aging performance, and can be used exposed for a long time while maintaining the original performance.

6. The overall performance of HDPE geomembrane, HDPE geomembrane has strong tensile strength and elongation at break, so that HDPE geomembrane can be used in various harsh geological and climatic conditions. Adapt to uneven geological settlement and strong strain.

7. HDPE geomembrane uses high-quality raw plastic and carbon black particles without any preservatives. HDPE has been used in my country to replace PVC as raw material for food packaging bags and fresh-keeping films.

hdpe geomembrane pond liner in Congo (DRC)

Natural conditions of the Congo (Kinshasa) project

Atmospheric conditions at design point

Atmospheric pressure

87.62 kPa

Annual average temperature


Average summer temperature


Winter average temperature


Relative humidity



1400 m

Atmospheric conditions

Extreme maximum temperature


Extreme minimum temperature


 Power conditions

High pressure

10KV±5% ,50Hz±0.5

Low pressure

TN-S,380V±5%, 50Hz±0.5

Instrument air



Earthquake situation

Basic Earthquake (OBE)


Maximum Earthquake (MCE)


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Performance requirements of HDPE geomembrane



Parameter value




Guaranteed average thickness






Yield Strength



Breaking strength



Elongation at break



Elongation at Yield



Right angle tear strength



Puncture strength



Resistance to environmental stress cracking



Carbon black content

(Guarantee strong ultraviolet rays and anti-aging)



OIT)Oxidation induction time (standard OIT)



-700 low temperature impact embrittlement performance



Standard oxidation induction time OIT



OITHigh pressure oxidation induction time OIT



Technical parameters of solution pool process:

Copper sulfate solution; material density: 1.0~1.2t/m³, solution pH: about 0~2.2, temperature: normal temperature (0~60℃). The solution pool is 6m high.

Process parameters of tailings pond:

Tailings particle density: about 2.7t/m3; tailings bulk dry density: 1.19t/m3; mineral particle size 0~0.3mm, P80=0.1mm, temperature: normal temperature (-10~50℃); PH value: 0~ 2; The height of the dam is 10-20m.

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