What is the tensile strength of geotextiles?

What is the tensile strength of geotextiles?

The tensile strength of a geotextile is an assessment of its ability to resist tensile forces. In general, the tensile strength index of geotextiles is usually used to describe the resistance to tensile forces in the horizontal direction (MD) and vertical direction (CD).

The tensile strength of geotextiles is affected by many factors, including material selection, weave structure, thickness, and manufacturing process. The specific value will vary due to different types and specifications of geotextiles.


In actual use, the tensile strength of geotextiles should be selected according to specific engineering requirements. Higher tensile strength usually means that geotextiles can withstand greater tensile force, which is suitable for engineering projects that require higher strength. However, it should be noted that excessive tensile strength may also lead to higher costs, and in some light-duty applications, lower tensile strength may be sufficient.

For specific engineering projects, it is recommended to conduct detailed consultation with geotechnical material suppliers or engineers, and select the appropriate tensile strength of geotextiles according to specific engineering conditions and design requirements. At the same time, the construction and installation process should also be operated in accordance with relevant specifications and technical requirements to ensure that the geotextile can exert its designed tensile strength.

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